8 Tips for Choosing Colors for Your Bathroom

May 30, 2014

Choosing colors for your home can be an intimidating process, as not all color schemes work in every space. It’s important to find the right combination of colors that work well for you and your room. To help with the process, here’s a list of tips to consider to ensure a “no regrets” color scheme for your bathroom.

1. First, and most importantly, choose colors that you love. It helps to look in your closet to see which colors you have the most of, and start there.

2. Spaces like the bathroom give a good opportunity to choose brighter, more saturated paint colors. Because the bathroom is smaller, there’s typically less wall space and this allows you to use a bright color without committing to painting an expansive wall.

3. Select your tile first! In bathrooms this is a good starting place, and you can select all subsequent wall, countertop, and fixture colors based on your tile selection.

4. On that note, it’s also recommended that you start with the least flexible element in the bathroom. For example, if you want to use a unique style of tile, make sure you’ve selected everything else to coordinate with it before you purchase and install the tile.

5. Use the color wheel to match colors together. For example, if you know that your starting color is blue, you may want to choose a color that complements it (orange) or a color that is adjacent to it (green or purple). For more detailed information, see our color guides here, here, and here.

6. Pay attention to lighting. Colors present in different ways depending on the lighting. Look at the color in natural and under fluorescent lighting.

7. Use a semi-gloss paint. This is especially useful for bathrooms that are prone to mildew and mold, and any bathroom that has a lot of moisture. For example, if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows, this may be a good option for you.

8. Use the rest of your house as a guide for choosing colors. This can work in two ways. First, if the rest of your house is in a particular color family (like neutrals), you may want to continue that pattern. However, you may also opt to do something totally different based on the colors in the rest of your house.

Keep in mind that as far as paint color goes, you can always change it. So if you feel like you want to step outside the box and use that bright purple or blue, go for it. Bathrooms are great spaces to express your creative side!

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