Color 101: A Step By Step Color Consideration For Your Next Remodeling Project (Part III)

August 9, 2013

Now that you have some of the necessary steps to choosing the right colors for your home, here are some final tips and tricks for choosing color schemes that work well for you.

1. Look for inspiration! Pinterest is a great place to start. You can create boards with your favorite colors, design trends, and find examples of ideas that fit in with your personal taste. You can check out our Pinterest board HERE for ideas.

2. Know your color terminology. Here are the basics:

Hue: What you call the color (for example, red and blue are both hues)
Value: How light or dark a color is
Saturation: How dominant the color is
Intensity: Refers to the “brilliance” of a color (pure colors, like primary colors, are more intense whereas mixed colors like blue-green or yellow-green have less intensity)

3. Start small and test your color choices.

You can test your paint colors with color swatches, painting a small area of a wall or painting a poster board to get an idea of what it will look like in the room. Additionally, you could opt to paint a small room (like a bathroom or powder room) or just one accent wall.

4. Use the 60-30-10 rule.

60% of the room should be your dominant color
30% should be your secondary color
10% for an accent color
This doesn’t just pertain to paint color on your walls – that 30% can be furniture, carpets, and other accessories while the 10% could be flower arrangements or artwork hung on your walls.

5. Have fun! The best thing is to stay true to your own style. Some recommend looking in your closet to see which colors you’re most attracted to, then going from there when selecting how to decorate your home.

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