Color 101: A Step By Step Color Consideration for Your Next Remodeling Project

June 26, 2013

During a remodeling project, homeowners are faced with tons of decisions. Cabinetry and countertops are just the beginning. Many of these decisions are based on one very important factor: color. The color of each of these components will greatly contribute to the overall style and feeling of the room. This series is a step by step guide intended to help you choose the right colors for the right room. More importantly, it will help you discover color and shade combinations that will last for years to come.

One: Orientation and Natural Lighting
One of the first things to consider is the space itself and what you already know about it. What is the orientation of the space? Does it face North, South, East or West? The amount of sun exposure in a room depends on the direction the room faces. If you are aware of the natural lighting expected to fill the room, you may choose to brighten or darken the room accordingly.

Two: Existing Materials and Proposed Materials
The next set of facts to consider are the existing materials currently in the room as well as the proposed materials you plan to see in the room someday. What current pieces of furniture or decor are you positive will remain in the room? Have you already chosen new furniture pieces or decor for a particular theme? These need to be considered and fit in accordingly. As far as proposed materials, kitchens usually contain a large amount of cabinetry and fill most of the wall space, depending on the size. Bathrooms, however, have shower tile and a smaller amount of cabinetry to consider. These colors will give you a base palette to work from.

Three: Emotional Tones
Now that you have taken stock of what colors you currently have and plan to have, you should consider the emotional tone of the space. Different spaces have their own purposes and usually aim to inspire different emotional reactions. Homeowners typically desire bathrooms to be a calm and relaxing environment as it used to wind down after a long day. Bedrooms may also be intentionally soothing in order to help the body prepare for sleep. On the opposite side of the spectrum, kitchens are frequently thought of as the hub of the home and may require brighter colors that uplift. Do you want your new space to be warm and cozy, cool and open, vibrant and energetic, serious or whimsical? Here are some examples of Lensis Builders projects that demonstrate color palettes and their emotional tone.

Calm, Cool and Open – Basement Remodel


Exciting and Vibrant – Theater Room in a Basement Remodel


Warm and Cozy – Master Bathroom Remodel

Bath - Haymarket

Serious, Sleek, Open – Kitchen Remodel

Manassas Kitchen Remodel

Four: Considering Your Wants and Goals
Now that you have a better idea of what color palettes to aim for, you can consider the colors you like the most and if they fit into your vision. You can unify the entire space with one color or highlight your favorite spot in a room, such as a dining nook in the kitchen. An accent wall can be painted darker, lighter or patterned to bring attention to it.

This completes the first of three guides in our color series. We hope you have a better understanding of color basics and the first steps in finding the perfect colors for your home. Please check back soon for the second part of this series which will focus on preliminary color selections.


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