Custom Yorkie Washing Station and Kitchen Remodel in Manassas, VA

August 2, 2013

One of our clients is the proud owner of 3 Yorkshire Terriers and a beautiful Golden Retriever. We recently remodeled her laundry room and added a very unique feature…a sink just for bathing cute Yorkies! This custom bathing station has a faucet with an extendable nozzle to make bath time even easier. The cabinetry underneath was custom made to be higher than usual to make standing more comfortable and prevent fatigue. The faucet, sink size and cabinet height combination make this the perfect pet washing station!

Perfect Pet Washing Station!

In addition to her laundry room, we remodeled the kitchen to create more room and storage space. Originally, there was a wall separating the kitchen and the dining area. We knocked down the separating wall to create a more open feel which also provided a more convenient layout for the first floor. As you can see in the picture below, we also added extra cabinetry which features custom organization for wine bottles and glasses. Our client loves the finished product and so do we. Read her testimonial below!

Kitchen Remodel in Manassas, VA

“Richard had a better vision for our kitchen than we did! We had several ideas, most of which would have involved more extensive remodeling than we actually completed. Although very willing to do anything we wanted, Richard was concerned about our long term plans (we expect to move), and in ensuring we would receive the most value for our investment. Our upgrade has made such a difference! We have so much more storage space and a kitchen that looks like it always should have – bigger, sleeker, and with a cozier feel.”

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