Go Green With Lensis

Lensis Builders is proud to introduce its newest subsidiary, Energy Masters of VA. Visit our new website for even more information on High Performance Homes!

At Lensis Builders, our Green strategy is simply a common sense approach to maximize home energy performance. Many people believe that in order to be “Green” you have to spend a lot of money — however, there are many common sense residential “Green” techniques that aren’t very expensive that can tremendously improve your home’s efficiency and your quality of living. By simply improving old construction techniques with newer, more efficient materials and methods — you can use common sense and be “Green”. This isn’t all about adding solar panels, replacing all your windows, or installing a wind turbine in your yard.

Let Richard Lensis, a LEED Green Rater, RESNET HERS Rater and National Association of Home Builders Green Verifier, show you how the latest building science technology and state of the art equipment can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and improve your indoor air quality.

We offer home Energy Audits to all of our remodeling and new construction clients. Our energy audit will help you understand and assess your entire home as a system and make educated decisions about improvements.

We are now offering Home Energy Audits to perform a comprehensive analysis of your home’s energy use, and devise a plan and proposal to implement the improvements.

Ready to find out how? Contact Us about your Common Sense Green project.