Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel in Fairfax, VA

April 11, 2014

Kitchens have become the heart of the home, the central hub of activity and a meeting place after a long day. Remodeling allows us to turn uncomfortable, hard to navigate kitchens into a place to unwind and bond over a good meal. When one of our past clients contacted us to remodel their kitchen, we were ecstatic to help them improve such an important part of their home.

Their original kitchen was cramped and in desperate need of storage, counter space, and a more open layout that would be easier to work in. A wall separated the dining room from the kitchen, creating two smaller rooms that made getting around tough on this family of five.

To create a more enjoyable space, our designers came up with a new layout that would make multitasking simple. This included ripping down a wall, adding convenient lighting, and making all major appliances easily accessible. We ripped out the entire kitchen and started from square one.

As you will see from the photos below, the new kitchen turned out beautifully. It is now spacious, functional, and ready to be used. An ample amount of counter space allows room for baking and appliances. Cabinets on both sides of the kitchen enable pots, pans, and dishes to be neatly tucked away yet easily reachable. Removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen made the largest difference to the overall space. We found a much better solution for that newly opened area—a peninsula with bar top seating. The dining table still sits in the original dining room. However, now the cooks in the kitchen can chat with those sitting at the table, waiting for dinner to be served or catching up on homework.


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