Green Remodeling Virginia

Comfortable and Efficient Homes in Northern Virginia

Energy Masters of Virginia, LLC., a subsidiary of Lensis Builders, Inc., provides home energy solutions to create a comfortable, energy efficient home. Improperly working duct work or distribution systems can cause your home to be drafty and your bills to be unreasonably high. Please contact us or visit our website,, to learn how we can help your home work for you instead of against you.

We can solve common home problems such as:

  • areas of your home are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
  • drafty and uncomfortable rooms
  • high heating and cooling costs

Northern Virginia Custom Homes

Every custom home we create is specifically designed for each unique homeowner, their family, and their lifestyle. Because of our background and certifications in home efficiency, our custom homes are built as a whole system, with comfort and energy saving measures throughout.

Your custom home should be:

  • unique to your needs as a homeowner
  • equipped with the proper heating and cooling systems
  • built with energy usage in mind
  • comfortable and safe all year long, in every season




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