Kitchen Cabinetry Styles

January 10, 2014

Remodeling your kitchen gives you an opportunity to express your creativity and personality. Your kitchen cabinets can help reinforce the theme or style you choose, so here’s a guide to some common types of cabinetry based on their characteristics and advantages.


Traditional Kitchen by Manassas Design-Build Firm Lensis Builders, Inc.

Characteristics: Tend to be constructed from wood and are a white/cream color
Advantages: Can significantly improve a home’s resale value due to neutrality of colors; allows for a blank slate for the remainder of your kitchen design, so you can get creative with tile, countertops and other artistic touches


Rustic Kitchen by Claremont Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Crown Point Cabinetry

Characteristics: Simple, efficient, understated design, this design tends to forego any flourishes of style or design statements in favor of simple and efficient functionality; tend to focus on high-quality woods traditionally found in the northeastern US (the ancestral home of the Shaker movement), typically using durable woods like maple and cherry
Advantages: Their simplicity allows you to choose other bold pieces in your kitchen such as modern floors, bold colors and interesting counters or backsplashes; the use of wood cabinetry creates a warm, inviting mood in your kitchen


Contemporary Kitchen by Bristol Architects & Designers Studio III architects

Characteristics: Sleek, angular design and simple ornamentation
Advantages: Can combine materials such as wood, laminate, metal and glass depending on the style you are looking for


Rustic Kitchen by Atlanta Architects & Designers Peace Design

Characteristics: Typically uses woods such as pine (which shows the natural knots and grain in the material), cherry, oak, maple and hickory; antique metals are used for door knobs and handles
Advantages: Woods such as cherry, oak and hickory are very durable and fairly inexpensive; the use of wood cabinetry will create a warm and inviting mood in your kitchen


Mediterranean Kitchen by Anaheim Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Kitchen Cabinets And Beyond

Characteristics: Woods are the traditional choice of material (hickory, maple and cherry are common) and are often painted and have antique hardware; typically defined as a casual and eclectic design, which is sometimes called “shabby chic”
Advantages: Cottage style design may lacks doors, which can be time and money saving; wood cabinetry aligned with the cottage/”shabby chic” style can have an unexpected soft and romantic effect in your kitchen

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