Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy

February 22, 2013

When Hurricane Sandy hit Northern Virginia, many homes were extremely damaged and left without power. Although our entire area prepared for the worst, trees and powerlines didn’t stand a chance against powerful high winds. Many people were still scrambling to repair the damage several weeks after the storm.

We recently received a testimonial from one of our clients whose home was severely affected by Sandy. We are eager to share this story because it is a testament to the customer service and dedication we strive to deliver each day. Here is the story in his own words:

“During Hurricane Sandy, a tree from my neighbor’s yard fell onto my living room, completely destroying it. The tree was about 75 feet tall and about 2.5 feet in diameter. It hit the corner of a 17 foot by 21 foot addition to my house, which served as my living room. About two-thirds of the roof of this room caved in; the other third of the roof was barely remaining up. At least one outer wall of the room was slowly collapsing. The damage was so severe that the home was condemned by the county.

While the insurance company was processing the claim, Rich Lensis came out to survey the damage. He was thorough in his inspection of the property, and took a great deal of time with me to explain the extent of the damage and of the necessary repairs. I felt confident in him from the very start and decided to work with him, and I’m glad that I did.

I contracted with him to perform the work, and Rich’s crew began work almost immediately. Rich knew that the entire back room was in delicate enough shape that it could have completely collapsed at any time. He also knew that the house – including the floorboards and foundation of the addition, and the roof and rafters of the main house – was susceptible to further damage. Despite the fact that the insurance company took far, far too long to process an initial payment of the claim, Rich went above and beyond, tearing down the remnants of the damaged structure and protecting the roof and foundation from further damage – and doing so well before he had received any funds from the insurance company. Had he not done this, it is possible that further damage would have been done by rain, snow, cold, or falling debris.

I have finally moved back into the house. The re-built room was very well done, and is in many ways better than it was before. Rich was very patient throughout as I dealt with problems from the insurance company. He was also very thorough in responding to questions, and very easy to reach when I had questions. I always felt like I had a good idea of the next steps in the project.

I appreciate Rich and his team for helping me through what could have been a very difficult reconstruction project, and for helping me get back in my home as soon as was humanly possible. I would highly recommend Lensis Builders.”

J.R., Falls Church

We are happy to have the resources to help our community deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Many thanks to our wonderful client for his testimonial.

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