What about Mechanical Systems and Conditioning the Indoors?

August 25, 2011

What about Mechanical Systems and Conditioning the Indoors?

This portion provides everyone with important information about properly sizing and selecting heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water heating systems. With better envelope insulation, air sealing and better windows, furnaces and AC units can get smaller. Equipment options and advancements will be shown that will allow builders and homeowners to optimize system performance at potentially lower overall costs. Understanding the basics of HVAC design can lower utility bills, make for quieter, healthier and more comfortable homes.

  1. Combustion Safety
    • Direct Vent Furnaces & Fireplaces
    • Power Vent Water Heater
    • Tankless Water Heaters
  2. Right Sizing of HVAC Systems
    • Heat Loss/Gain and Comfort Factors and who can do proper sizing
    • Providing HVAC contractors with good information
    • The benefits of avoiding over sizing
  3. High Performance heating and cooling system features
    • ECM Fan Motor
    • Heat Pumps
  4. Distribution Systems
    • Sizing and installing properly
    • Keeping ducts in conditioned space
    • Conditioned attics
  5. Verify Performance
    • Air tightness, duct leakage and thermographics (Test, test and test to verify all equipment installations.)

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