Your (Interior) Spring Cleaning To-Do List

February 24, 2014

With spring just around the corner (we hope!), we’ve come up with a checklist of ways to prepare your home for the spring. These tips apply to your interior – making sure your home is clean, comfortable and efficient. Stay tuned for an exterior spring cleaning to-do list!

1. Deep clean your carpets and rugs. It’s good do deep clean carpets and rugs at least twice per year. You can either hire a professional or rent cleaning equipment.

2. Clean your window treatments. Take down curtains and either put them in the laundry or dry clean them. You’ll also help clear the air in your home by removing the built up dust from these areas.

3. Check the batteries in your smoke alarms. It’s recommended that you check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors every six months.

4. Protect your hardwood floors. Be sure that your tables, chairs, and other furniture have surface protectors on them (those thick, felt discs) to protect floors from scratching. They can easily fall off over time.

5. Clean underneath furniture and appliances. It’s easy to forget about these places, but cleaning out any dust and debris from underneath your sofa, for example, can improve the air quality in your home.

6. Get organized. Everyone has things around that aren’t in use anymore. Separate the things you want to keep from those you’d like to get rid of. You could even throw a garage or yard sale, or donate items to your local Good Will or Salvation Army.

7. Check your interior systems, like your HVAC – heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. It’s a good idea to do this before the temperatures increase too much. Also, be sure to replace your air filters. *You may want to have an energy audit if you’re concerned that your home has any cracks or leaks (around doors, windows, and any other openings).

8. Clean your windows on both their interiors and exteriors. After the winter, a lot of dirt and grime can build up on the outside of your home, which may cloud your windows.

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