Kitchen Testimonial in Manassas, VA

October 19, 2012

We wanted to share this fantastic client testimonial we recently received. This project consisted of a kitchen remodel as well as an addition which serves as a laundry room. Here are some excerpts from the testimonial:

“Richard Lensis worked with us through several stages of planning and design,
was willing to help us modify our budget to fit our needs, and he, his wife, and
staff were all very responsive throughout the process.  They got started right on
time at the end of June, and finished up right on schedule: in time for me to go
back to school (I’m a teacher).  Every step of the way, they did beautiful,
professional work.  The payment schedule was very reasonable, and made
planning simple.  They were happy to let us handle demolition and painting to save
money, and there were no surprises at any stage of the project.  They even
hung the cabinets I refinished from the kitchen in the addition.
Richard was also able to put us in contact with a great HVAC company
to handle our new furnace and central air unit.”

“I remember coming home to installed cabinets one day and telling the workmen,
“Oh… you are just my favorite people today!”  I absolutely love my new kitchen…
the remodel has made the ENTIRE first floor more functional.  Whereas before I had
so little space that I was doing food prep on my dining room table and storing my
dishes on my bookshelf, now I have enough cabinet space to put everything away,
and enough counter space to bake and cook dinner at the same time.
What was once essentially a one-person kitchen now comfortably fits at
least three cooking together, and I finally have a dishwasher!”

– K.A., Manassas

Thanks so much to our client for the kind words. It was a pleasure working with her and her husband on this great project. Photos are on the way so check back soon!

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