How Long Will My Kitchen Remodel Take?

November 20, 2014

This week, we’re continuing our guide to outlining a general length of time for different remodeling projects. Kitchen remodels definitely vary depending on the extent to which you are remodeling your kitchen. In general, if you’re doing an addition to your home, that’s going to take longer than if you’re simply replacing a few components of your current kitchen. We created a guide to how long a typical remodel may take, and it’s based on projects we have done in the past. 

Day 1: Preconstruction Meeting

Days 2-5: Demolition

Day 6: Framing (includes Plywood floor repair, wall stud repair, new walls/windows/door locations)

Day 7: Rough Plumbing (Looking at plumbing requirements, making sure all appliances, faucets, etc. are on site)

Days 8-9: Rough Electric (Making sure everything is electrically safe, reviewing the electrical layout, and ordering light fixtures)

Day 10: Rough HVAC (Moving duct work and ensuring proper ventilation)

Days 11-12: Drywall installation

Day 13: First coat of paint (primer)

Days 14-17: Floor installation (ceramic, hardwood, etc.)

Days 17-19: Kitchen Cabinet Installation (

Day 20: Order kitchen countertops

Day 21: Interior trim work (Installing trim around doors, crown molding, etc.)

Day 22: Appliance installation (refrigerator, stove/oven, sink, etc.)

Day 23: Electric inspection (ensuring that all fixtures and appliances work properly and are safe)

Day 24: Installation of countertops

Day 25: Final plumbing (ensuring that all faucets are installed, there are no leaks, and everything works properly and are safe)

Day 26: Cabinet hardware (knobs, pulls, etc.)

Day 27: Final inspection (making sure that things like painting are touched up, all permits are called in, everything works efficiently and safely)

Day 28: Final clean up (ensuring that your home is clean and you’re ready to use your new kitchen)

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